Exploring the emergence of non-binary beauty brands

The gender-neutral makeup trend is growing. Last month, Cassandra spoke with international Trendsetters about gender today. A 20-year-old female in Asia explained her hopes for the future society in terms of gender roles, “In our Asian culture, I hope that men and women would eventually have an equal level of beauty standards.” Some leading beauty brands are already tapping into androgyny and Gen Z’s expectation for true diversity. Read below to learn about three companies who are tossing tradition and giving makeup a makeover.


David Yi knows what young people want. In response to the beauty industry’s “hypermasculine/hyperfeminine divide,” his personal care brand Good Light is introducing a more inclusive approach to makeup. Their unisex products range from water cleansers, probiotic serums, and toning lotions, all sustainably made, non-toxic, cruelty-free, and vegan. The brand’s mission is to “reflect the diversity and fluidity of the world we live in today.” Check out his popular beauty blog, Very Good Light.


We’re on a new frontier of gender fluid fragrances and rose, especially, is on the rise as an ingredient in this space. Aesop, the popular skin, hair and bodycare brand, recently launched Rōzu Eau de Parfum, a scent for everyone. Featuring ingredients like rose, shiso, and guaiacwood, the brand describes this floral fragrance as “brazen and delicate.” The brand goes on to explain, “Our fragrances know no gender boundaries.” But beyond this fragrance, all of Aesop products are gender neutral.


Suva Beauty has a cult following for a reason. The professional cosmetics collection, which was founded by Shaina Azad in 2015, found fame following its feature on HBO’s teen drama series, Euphoria. The brown-owned brand strives to “to redefine and reinvent traditional beauty products” while embracing all identities throughout their models and marketing. Popular products include the neon Hydra liners, UV light palettes, and Liquid Chrome Drops. Adored by diverse audiences, SUVA certainly makes a statement.