Supporting and celebrating small businesses

In honor of National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day today, Cassandra is covering innovation in e-commerce and the independent artists behind the scene. While Etsy is the OG when it comes to giving artists a platform to sell their cool creations, there are a few new players in town gaining popularity among Gen Zs and Millennials. Cassandra found that 72% of Trendsetters believe they can personally make a positive difference in their local communities - especially by shopping small. The popularity of high-quality, handcrafted goods also resonates with young people because these products are unique and feel extremely personal - especially for gift giving. To learn more about young adult interest in shopping small, check out our Relationships and Community Special Release report, available exclusively for clients. Check out three popular e-commerce sites below that are championing small business.


Featuring more than 300K independent global artists, Society6 is an artist-driven online marketplace on the rise. Upon exploration of their site, users come across curated collections like “Top Art Picks” or “Discover Black Artists,” which makes scrolling feel like strolling through museums. From furniture to wall art, apparel to accessories, Society6 has great gifts for family and friends, but while shopping, you’re sure to find plenty you want for yourself! To learn more about their creators’ processes and inspirations, check out their blog.


Looking for a backpack with avocados doing yoga? Or maybe koalas and eucalyptus are more your style. Simply put, Redbubble has it all. This funky, Aussie-based retail platform collaborates with over 700K artists to bring “more creativity into the world.” The site initially became popular in the U.S. thanks to VSCO girls looking to decorate their Hydroflasks and laptops. Artists can open their own Redbubble shops for free and start uploading their designs, which can be printed on common products, like mugs, backpacks and t-shirts–each made ethically, sustainably, and socially responsible. To learn more about their unique brand, culture and business approach, check out their video series, RBTV.


She’s not just Beyonce’s stylist, but a visionary. Zerina Akers started her @blackownedeverything Instagram page less than a year ago, providing support and exposure to emerging fashion designers from the Black community, such as Brandon Blackwood. Since blowing up on social media and beyond, the Instagram page has now become an online shopping destination, also named Black Owned Everything, which is “both a marketplace and media culture hub built on the foundation of inclusivity to amplify and empower a diverse community of creators.” In Aker’s words, the company’s mission is to, “elevate the visibility of Black owned brands.” This purpose-driven platform’s potential is exponential and we’re excited to see it’s economic and cultural impact.