Post-pandemic cosmetic trends

As masks come off, beauty is making its comeback. Last year, many commented on the demise of the “Lipstick Index” as an economic metric during COVID. The phrase, coined during the 2001 recession by Leonard Lauder, references the relative resilience of lipstick sales during periods of economic hardship as consumers traded down to more affordable luxuries. U.S. Google searches for the term “lipstick” peaked this June, and sales are now up more than 80%, as consumers are prepping their pouts for post-pandemic life. What are the other new beauty trends that Gen Z and Millennials are buying into this summer? Read on!


Now that consumers are out and about, they are going all out. We’re talking glam, glitz, and glitter lipsticks that scream in celebration for a summer social life. These metallic lipsticks give off an early 2000’s feel, a time period that Millennials, especially, have proven they have a passion for. While Givenchy is a fave, some young consumers are actually crafting their own metallic colors from eyeshadow palettes. There’s definitely room for brands to get creative in this space– for now, we’ll be ruining our eyeshadow palettes in the name of having trendy lips.


Given that many consumers cut down on their beauty routines during quarantine, it’s slightly exhilarating to get ready now, and by slightly, we mean extremely. So much so, that consumers can’t nail down just one color for a manicure, so they’re choosing them all. Multi-colored and mismatched manis are trending, whether in a gradient ombre style, rainbow, or totally different shades, this post-pandemic polish symbolizes freedom and individualism. Say hello to the modern manicure.


Gen Z and Millennials have picked up arts and crafts skills the past few months, and now they’re turning their faces into canvases. Throwing out old, average, black eyeliner, they’re instead opting in favor of bold and bright colors. Seeking something fun and fresh, young people are designing dramatic negative space eyeliner looks as a way to welcome in summer in style. 22-year-old influencer twins Simi and Haze are known to rock this look and even sell negative space decals through their beauty brand @simihaze.