What’s in style for fall and winter

Many young people took time during the pandemic to look introspectively at their identity and experiment with their style. Whether trying out new hair colors, testing out new brands, or even getting tattoos and piercings, it was natural for Millennials and Gen Z at this lifestage to try new styles. Since many have transitioned back from remote to in-person classes and workspaces, it’s clear that fashion has become a key platform to express who they’ve become over this time. Danita, a 20-year-old from Pennsylavia told Cassandra, “[Recently], what I've noticed so far is bolder fashion in-person… people seem to have evolved their fashion to a new level.” Read below to learn what’s on the forefront of fashion for Fall and Winter 2021-2022.


We’ve all been dressing “waist-up” for video chats throughout the pandemic, but now, below the waist is where it’s at. With people venturing out in public more, they simply can’t decide what bottoms to wear–so they’re opting not to decide at all and are throwing everything on. In streetstyle scenes across the globe, fashion gurus are throwing a pants party and everyone’s invited to join–skirts, dresses, anything goes. But beyond that, it’s in style to mix fabrics, colors, and really dress with full artistic expression. Vogue explains, “The mix has a sense of humor to it, an intentional clash of things.” This pant/skirt/dress hybrid illustrates how young consumers are feeling free and having fun with fashion.


One of the top trends for Autumn/Winter season is catsuits, with designers such as Balenciaga, Prada, Givenchy sending this style down the runway. But these aren’t your average jumpsuits–today’s designs feature sexy cut-outs, graphic designs, even eco-friendly fabrics–Kim K just flaunted a hot pink ensemble. The modern catsuit is made for the evolving identities and values of younger generations. Vice explains, “Catsuits are no longer just a caricature of femininity. In 2021, they’re a newfound symbol of defiant sexuality in film, fashion and music.” Curve-hugging catsuits show shape completely and are a “daring” expression of body positivity, while also speaking to the importance of comfort–core to young people’s–and societal style as a whole–in recent years.


Gloves have been trending in recent years–but now we’re evolving from latex to leather. Long gloves–specifically made of leather–are on the rise, for their fashion and their function. Tearing a page out of the Bridgerton book, these gloves are just the right mix of drama and elegance, injecting a touch of glamour into dreary and cold months, while helping keep hands warm. Designers such as Prada, Fendi, Dries Van Noten, and Versace featured long leather gloves in recent collections.