Out with the black, in with the rainbow

As we forge ahead into another year of what feels like chaos, Gen Z is taking a new approach to fashion. Instead of dressing for the occasion, youth is choosing to dress head-to-toe in dopamine-inducing vibrant colors with outfit combinations guaranteed to cause a double-take. Today we’re taking our therapist’s prescription seriously as we explore this year’s fashion trend–dopamine dressing.


Leaning into childhood feels and DIY vibes, beaded purses are popping up everywhere as youth look to style their outfits with playful additions. Born out of quarantine boredom, Anna Learns Things leans on Gen Z to figure out what to make next as her beaded bags, earrings, and more sell out. With Susan Alexandra recently opening her first-ever store in New York City’s LES, the whole experience is nothing short of a beaded wonderland that features dopamine-creating bright colors that compliment the hand-made beaded fashion and home accessories.


90s obsessions continue as Gen Z discovers half-color outfits trends that once dominated the scene. But now–it’s loungewear getting the much needed dopamine hit! A Cassandra favorite and Gen Z founded Happiness Project sells the perfect blend of Gen Z and 90s fashion with a half-white, half tie-dye ensemble that donates 15% of profits to mental health resources. Meanwhile, Gen Z’s favorite fashion powerhouse By Samii Ryan (who designs for youth-focused brands like Revolve and Zumiez) brings her twist to the trendy relaxed style.


“When this is all over” is the hair excuse that’s completely getting thrown out. As DIY hair trends continue, youth’s desire to go full experimental is ramping up as open hair salons provide a safety net. While Brad Mondo (whose hair brand’s logo is “Bold Looks. Zero F*cks”) shares his dream wig (spoiler, it’s rainbow), YouTubers are trying out multi-color hair techniques like drip dye (Naomi–we love it). Yet, it’s influencers @simihaze that are making us double-take with a half-cut-half-dyed look that’s just straight iconic as we look ahead to the next hair color exploration trend.