Band of Mothers

Apps connect like-minded moms to form friendships

Coming of age in the digital era, young people today often feel more comfortable forming friendships from behind a screen on social media or through an app rather than in person—a factor of their diminished EQ (emotional intelligence). On the heels of many such apps launching to introduce potential new friends, startups are now turning their attention to moms, connecting likeminded parents for friendship and support.


Inspired by Tinder’s location-based means of connecting singles, MomCo is an app that helps moms find and meet other mothers nearby. The app lets moms search for potential new friends based on both the age and gender of their children and by type of mom, such as stay-at-home moms, single moms, and even military moms. The former ensures that their children get along during playdates, while the latter helps moms find those with similar interests and priorities. The app also includes a feature for planning open playdates, offers special deals on products and services, and has a forum for moms to discuss and share advice.


Launched as a free social network for American and Canadian mothers, Hello Mamas has since launched a global expansion initiative, starting in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. The platform, which is free to join, offers a range of services: Socials helps moms plan playdates and stay active in their community through coffee dates and cocktail hours, while MumFinder uses a matching system—think eHarmony for moms—to connect moms with others that they would be compatible with based on their children, parenting styles, families, personalities, and schedules. As parenthood adds new challenges to life, the goal of the site is to offer a support system for moms.


While it might seem easy for moms to make new friends because they automatically have something in common—their children—it takes more than that for shy mothers to introduce themselves. Two such introverted moms created Mush for this very reason. Moms can sign up for free by simply uploading a photo, entering a few details about themselves and their family, and then they can reach out through the safety of the app to other mothers in their area. The creators intend the app to help moms maintain their social lives and their pre-parenthood identities, both of which can suffer when they take on the responsibilities of raising their young ones.