New services summon veterinarians on demand

As Millennials are willing to splurge on their pets (half know people who treat their pets as their children), they want the most comfortable, convenient medical care possible for their animal offspring. In the same way that young consumers are giving rise to on-demand doctor visits, they're likewise seeking services that make vet visits more appealing.


Bringing pets to the vet’s office can be a hassle, especially if it involves coercing an animal into a carrier. Startup Treat helps people in San Francisco avoid this problem altogether by letting them arrange same-day in-home visits for $99 each time. The company aims to give pet owners more peace of mind and offer them greater convenience if their schedule doesn’t easily allow for an in-office appointment; owners can share photos of their pets for quick assistance and live chat with a vet from 8 a.m. to midnight for free on the company’s app. Treat also offers other services, including private in-home dog training and grooming.


Hoping to become "the Uber of veterinarians," UK startup PawSquad offers house calls for pets and remote veterinary consultations via text message and video chat. The company began strictly as a telemedicine service for pets, but as 80% of veterinary work that an animal usually needs can be done in-home, its founders saw a significant opportunity for innovation in this market. Home visits typically last up to 40 minutes and cost £48 plus additional fees for vaccinations. For procedures that cannot be done at home, PawSquad has partnered with local clinics to facilitate care.


Yet another company aiming to make vet visits less stressful for people and their pets, VetPronto offers house calls in ten cities, including Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, NYC, and SF. For $150 per visit, vets will go to the owner's home and perform a variety of services from routine check-ups to end-of-life care, recognizing that people may prefer to have this difficult situation done at home. Regardless of the issue, pets can often get anxious when visiting a vet’s office, and VetPronto seeks to alleviate animal care by becoming a more pleasant alternative.