Platforms lets parents monitor their children’s activities

Modern technology presents new challenges for parents, who grapple over how much screen time they should allow their children and the impact of the digital world on their lives. Already, 59% of U.S. parents and half of UK parents set limits on the amount of time children spend using technology, and now, more platforms are letting parents place parameters on how they use it as well.


Although 56% of U.S. parents and 55% in the UK use technology to keep their children occupied at home, they’re also wary of how they’re using it. Circle with Disney is a device that helps parents set controls on Internet access, both in-home and in-vehicle, if it’s connected with smart car service Automatic. Along with restricting screen time and access to certain websites or apps, upcoming integrations will also allow parents to reward children for completing chores, filter specific types of content from social media sites, and more.


The connected car add-on by Verizon helps parents feel in control by using two in-car pieces of equipment—one plugged into an OBD port and one clipped onto a visor—plus an app that offers vehicle health monitoring, roadside and emergency assistance, stolen vehicle tracking, and a driving log for $14.99/month. The driving log is where parents can set limits on their teenage drivers; they receive alerts when a driver exits the programmed parameters or exceeds a specific speed limit. For the 64% of youth who think getting a driver’s license is a sign of independence, these restrictions may feel contradictory.


U.S. parents think children should be 16 to get their own debit card while UK parents think 15 is an appropriate age. Acknowledging that minors are managing money, Greenlight gives parents control of how much money their children can spend and where they can spend it. Parents can pre-load the card, set up an auto-allowance, and instantly add funds when necessary, all within the Greenlight app. They can also select the specific stores and locations where spending is allowed and set limits on the amount.