New platforms let parents monitor their children’s progress at school

Millennials are accustomed to receiving real-time updates about what their friends are up to, and as this generation enters parenthood, they’re welcoming such timely details about their children’s activities during the school day, too. Their real-time reflex is giving rise to tools that connect moms and dads with teachers so they can know what their kids are doing without hovering like helicopter parents.


When parents send their children to preschool, daycare, or early education, they don’t have to feel disconnected thanks to services like Brightwheel. The mobile app lets educators or childcare professionals send moms and dads real-time updates on their children’s behavior as well as photos. Instead of instructors having to compile reports on each child or coordinate meetings with parents, they can share quick updates on how children are developing on a daily basis. The secure platform is also available for afterschool programs and camps. After scoring financial backing on Sharktank, Brightwheel obtained additional investments to expand its offerings.


Parent-teacher conferences may soon be a thing of the past thanks to ClassDojo, an app that lets teachers connect with parents about class activities, students’ academic and social behavior, and development. The company believes parents should be looped in regularly on their children’s progress rather than only once or twice a semester, as this allows moms and dads to continue conversations at home and enhance their children’s education. Teachers can send photos and videos of students and even connect with them directly to offer support.


Startup Bloomz doesn’t want to replace the parent-teacher interactions that take place in-person but rather complement them by letting teachers send daily photos and updates about students. Through the app, educators can send direct messages and track students’ behavior. They can also schedule meetings with parents and arrange volunteers for the classroom and school-related activities. Meanwhile, parents can message with each other within the app and share information in 80 languages. Bloomz has already been incorporated in more than 10,000 schools, from preschool to high school, as well as daycares, churches, and camps.