Brands use artificial intelligence to provide beauty and skincare advice

Nearly three-quarters of Ys think it’s important for brands to give good guidance, tips, and advice, and companies are starting to use A.I. to fulfill this request. Smart mirrors are providing insight into consumers’ reflections, and new A.I.-powered apps are providing product recommendations and advice on beauty and skincare.


Bringing its concierge services online, Dior launched an interactive chat bot via Facebook Messenger. Users can receive product updates about the brand’s skincare and makeup line, watch content from Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior campaign, and get tips from Dior Makeup’s creative director. The bot utilizes GIFs and emojis to seem personable and provides direct links to the commerce site as well as a store locator. The behind-the-scenes content is valuable, as about a third of youth in the U.S. and UK pay attention to the people who are involved in the creation of entertainment, including makeup artists.


HelloAva is a chat bot that users communicate with via text message or Facebook Messenger to receive recommendations on skincare. Users answer a set of questions about their skin and any concerns they have so the bot can determine their skin type and share product recommendations—the majority of which are from emerging brands, though L’Oreal is also a supplier—which can be purchased directly from HelloAva. They can also connect with a human advisor for additional questions. The service attempts to provide customized recommendations for unique needs; more skincare is addressing specific issues such as workout-proof makeup.


Taking tools that identify your ideal makeup shade a step further, the Olay Skin Advisor app can analyze your skin type and age. Users upload a photo, sans-makeup, and answer a few questions about their skincare regimen. The app uses A.I. to determine the skin’s visible age and type, as well as what might be negatively affecting its appearance, and recommends products based on more than 10,000 “product regime outcomes.” It breaks users’ faces down into five key zones and specifies which ones can benefit the most from a new skincare routine.