Matchmaking apps emerge to help moms find new friends

62% of young people think that forming new friendships gets more difficult as they get older. Online dating-type apps specifically for meeting friends have emerged to help close this gap, and new iterations of the trend are helping mothers meet other moms in their area to form new friendships based on their personal interests and those of their children.


UK-based Mush was founded by two mothers with children of similar ages who found it difficult to make new friends after having their kids. Only 18% of U.S. parents and 16% in the UK think it’s easy to have successful friendships while being a good parent, but Mush intends to help make it easier by allowing users to match with other local mothers, send messages, and set up meetups or playdates. The app also includes Mush Guides, with blog content written by and for mothers.


A third of mothers find it hard to maintain their personal identity outside of being a parent, and the Peanut app aims to help remedy this by reducing the sense of isolation new moms can feel. Co-founded by a mother with professional experience in the world of dating apps, Peanut uses a swiping interface to match nearby mothers based on self-selected interests. Moms can start group chats, suggest meetups, poll other users for a convenient time to meet, and display their children’s ages to seek potential playdates.


Founded by a mother as a social networking platform for other mothers, the Social.mom app went mobile on an RV road trip across Canada to promote the new service and connect strangers IRL, garnering more than 10,000 downloads in the process. Described as a combination of Facebook and Tinder for mothers, the app matches local moms based on mutual interests and the ages of their children, encouraging them to set up in-person meetups. It also provides mom-focused content, including playdate ideas and kid-friendly recipes.