Shopping apps utilize augmented reality

Though virtual reality is growing in popularity as it moves beyond 3-D films to workout equipment, social networks, and more, youth are more likely to have tried and liked augmented reality, as it is more widely accessible and feels less isolating. New shopping apps are leveraging AR’s popularity, helping consumers enjoy the browsing experience while making more informed shopping decisions.


The popular furniture chain has taken steps to extend the life of its products by offering repair, recycling, and resale services, and its latest tactic is ensuring consumers will love how products look before they buy them. The IKEA Place app, available with Apple’s iOS11 ARKit launch, uses augmented reality to allow buyers to virtually place IKEA furniture and products in their home. The app provides exploration of color, style, and placement with a 98% accuracy of scaling to size. Products can be added to a shopping cart directly from the app.


Online retailer YOOX partnered with photo and video animation app Lumyer to create an augmented reality shopping app that gives people the ability to virtually try on handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, and other accessories. Available on iOS and Android, the app allows users to share their fashion shoots on social media and make purchases directly from the YOOX platform with a swipe. App-happy shoppers can also organize new products into a virtual closet via the Glamoutfit app, resemblant of Cher’s digital closet in Clueless.


YouCam Makeup, one of the apps offered by beauty brand Perfect, partnered with QVC for a real-time augmented reality shopping experience. The YouCam Makeup app allows users to try on products via a virtual makeover, and during QVC’s live broadcast of Laura Geller New York beauty products this summer, viewers could "test" the products in the app as they watched and made discounted purchases. Meanwhile, other beauty brands are using AR and A.I. to build useful apps for their consumers that provide custom product recommendations and advice.