New home air purifier hybrids offer added functionality

Young people are highly conscious of air pollution, and they appreciate companies that make moves to improve it while protecting consumers from its negative effects. New products are improving the air quality at home as well, offering filtration with additional benefits.


The Zunion’s small, sleek design allows it to be easily portable and blend in with almost any room’s décor. Along with typical household allergens, it removes salmonella, mote, pollen, smoke, and odor from a 25-square-meter area. Additionally, the air purifier functions as a phone-charging station for mobile devices that support wireless charging, joining the ranks of unique charging docks. An extra USB port allows non-wireless charging devices to power up by the Zunion, too. The device launched on Kickstarter and is now available on Amazon.


The Aircuum is a multipurpose device that keeps both the air and the floors clean. It operates as an air purifier when it’s docked at its charging station, and when detached, it functions as a vacuum cleaner. Like a Roomba, the cordless design makes it easy for the Aircuum to navigate the home. Young people have a different idea of a dream home than their predecessors and often live in smaller spaces, so multipurpose devices are a convenient way for them to save room, particularly in regards to the rise in popularity of mobile homes.


Designed specifically for Japanese families who partake in traditional tabletop cooking, the Cookiray BE is an air-cleaning pendant lamp. The four-layer system filters out smoke, oil, and odors separately, and the semi-opaque lampshade allows for the particles to be seen flowing up into the device. The lamp also has a dimmer feature that lets families select the best lighting for their meal. Fewer than half of Gen Y parents in the U.S. and UK have at least one family meal together each day, but they’re finding other ways to fit in quality time.