VR dining experiences combine taste and tech

Although VR offerings have been growing, both in scope and popularity, youth still find it difficult to engage with the medium due to its lack of social interactivity. New restaurants are addressing this by offering VR dining experiences that encourage a social atmosphere while satisfying young consumers’ desire for unique culinary adventures.


One-third of Trendsetters think luxury is about experiences, and at $2,000 per head, diners at Sublimotion certainly get a unique one. The invite-only restaurant in Ibiza features a menu by a Michelin starred chef and a virtual reality experience that changes seasonally. While wearing the provided VR headsets, guests have ordered from a virtual menu of meals dropped from the ceiling or sampled the fare while flying in an virtual airplane. The headsets also provide nutritional data in real time.


The new post-apocalyptic themed restaurant in Philadelphia features a virtual reality room along with a truck that shoots flames and an arsenal of weapons on display. Guests can simulate flying (and crashing) a plane in the VR room while continuing to enjoy their drink—restaurant staff pour it into an IV bag for hands- and sight-free enjoyment while diners don their headsets. Participants can also order a hands-on meal experience by grilling their own meat tableside Mad Max-style on a hot black rock.


More than half of teens are playing video games more often than they used to, and the negative stereotypes surrounding gamers are changing as the pastime continues to grow in popularity and evolve. A new combination bar and café in Vienna is offering patrons the opportunity to game while hanging out, eating, and drinking using various VR headsets including Samsung GearVR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. For those who prefer their gaming a little more old school, Vrei also offers original arcade games.