Sleek smart rings are poised to proliferate in 2018

56% of youth in the U.S. and UK use wearables or are interested in them, but aesthetic concerns are keeping some skeptics at bay. A new set of streamlined (and similar looking) smart rings could win them over, helping optimize their lives without sacrificing design.

Motiv rose gold and black smart rings


The simple but surprisingly capable smart ring from Motiv is a fitness, heart rate, and sleep tracker dubbed “a babe among clunky eyesores" thanks to its streamlined design and stylish rose gold and slate finishes. The company’s app wirelessly syncs with the Motiv Ring to provide the wearer’s activity, heart rate and sleep data and help them set goals to improve their health with minimal effort. Notably, the ring automatically senses the wearer’s activity and begins recording immediately, no action required.

Entire line of Oura smart rings in all colors


Early Kickstarters backers are already taking advantage of the original Oura, but the company indicates it will launch a new, sleeker ring in April 2018 that takes a similarly streamlined approach to design like Motiv. Intended to be worn around the clock, the new Oura Ring hopes to empower wearers to see how their lifestyle impacts their body and mind and ultimately get a more restorative sleep. The ring features scientifically validated sleep tracking and personalized guidance based on data from over a million nights and days.

Silver, rose gold, and black Token smart rings


Thinking beyond fitness, a husband and wife duo wants to replace people’s wallet, keys, and even their train pass with an “identity ring” designed to store credentials and help secure the wearer’s privacy via a fingerprint sensor. Promising a more seamless experience than smartphones, the Token ring can detect when it's removed from the wearer’s finger and lock back up. The company hopes to make secure 2FA possible in one simple step, every time.