Employers are utilizing VR to train employees

Professional development looks different for workers today than for previous generations. Rather than climbing the corporate ladder, young people are building their own career paths, participating in the gig economy, and even job hopping to find the work life they desire, utilizing the technology at their disposal to customize their careers. Employers are likewise leveraging tech, using virtual reality to train new employees and teach new skills to current ones.


The job search is getting more digital and technologically advanced, with some companies using social media and A.I. in their recruitment process. Fast casual restaurant Honeygrow uses VR in the hiring and training of new employees. The training program includes an introduction by Honeygrow’s founder, a restaurant tour, a 360-degree video of employees in action, and an interactive game to teach employees about stocking the walk-in refrigerators. In the competitive restaurant industry, Honeygrow uses its VR programs as a way to set itself apart.


The software by Serious Factory puts employers in control of creating digital training programs without needing knowledge of coding or animation. Companies can create an interactive program that puts employees in possible real-life situations to learn how to handle them; the program changes based on different decisions that the trainee makes. Since the program is completely customizable it can be used to train new employees or allow even long-time employees to master new skills. Young employees like it when their company makes an effort to help them with their professional development.


Although three out of 10 young people say they don't care about seasonal sales because they can always find deals, Black Friday is a popular annual shopping event. Walmart is using VR to train new employees to prepare for such scenarios as Black Friday that are difficult to recreate but require advance teaching before experiencing them IRL. Currently used in the 200 Walmart Academy training centers, the interactive program asks employees to make decisions they might face during real situations to prepare and train them for how to handle such when they occur on the job.