New live trivia apps compete for users’ play time

Since HQ came on the scene last fall, young people have been dropping what they’re doing to engage in live trivia games. These apps have proliferated, with many options for users to get their daily dose of fun facts and maybe earn some cash. Three-quarters of U.S. Trendsetters are interested in attending a brand-sponsored trivia event, and these games put such activities in the palm of their hands.


Young people often hang out with their friends virtually, and Hangtime allows them to do that while earning money. Like HQ, the trivia app hosts live shows twice a day, but unlike HQ which follows the same rules each time, Hangtime offers three different games. The app started as purely a space for friends to connect and evolved into its game show format as the popularity of such games grew, but it still allows users to engage in “private hangs” in invite-only digital rooms.


You can’t call yourself a true sports fan if you are not very knowledgeable about the team/player(s) you like, according to 44% of U.S. Trendsetters. Fans who are knowledgeable can earn money from it by playing Goatly, a daily sports trivia game. When the game goes live, users of the app are notified that they have an hour to submit their answers to the questions of the day. Players who answer each question correctly split the prize money, and the app recently removed the minimum payout requirement that most other trivia apps have.


The Genius app has been likened to an HQ Trivia in “easy mode.” The show goes live once a day and the host asks just five questions, fewer than HQ and most competitor apps. The app also hosts themed nights where the questions revolve around one subject, which it claims creates a “small-community vibe like you’d get at your local bar on trivia night,” a popular pastime among young people. Genius is also “easier” because with far fewer players than HQ at the moment, individuals have a higher chance of walking away with a chunk of change.