Social video apps are getting even more customizable with new AR features

Popular lip syncing video apps Musical.ly and Dubsmash helped create a whole new genre of user-generated entertainment. Young people’s desire to take an active role in the creation of entertainment continues to fuel the rise of new social video platforms. The latest wave of apps appeal to young people’s preference for customization by providing users with sleek augmented reality effects and face tracking features.


Social video apps allow users to star in their own creations and share their works of art with a global audience. Like is the latest app in this social media trend, but unlike its predecessors, it also includes Snapchat-like face tracking filters and augmented reality effects that allow users to customize their creations. Video creators can use the app’s 4D Magic feature to enhance their compositions. For example, users can add twinkling stars to their videos, alter their backgrounds to appear to be on the surface of the moon, or shoot a clip in which it appears as if they’re controlling the weather.


Top live broadcasting platform Live.me has launched a short video app called Cheez. Cheez users can create videos up to 17 seconds long and have the ability to add creative features to their videos, including live filters, voice changers, stickers, and music. Additionally, Cheez offers fun community challenges. Dance Off is a game feature wherein users replicate dance moves and image sensing technology rates their performances. Unlike other music video apps, Cheez rewards its users with cash. Video creators whose videos generate views and social interaction can be paid for their content, which is especially appealing to Gen Zs who look for ways to monetize their hobbies.


Funimate is a social video app that allows users to customize short videos and share them with the app’s global community. Creators can record and add sounds to their video timelines and mix their own visual effects palettes, giving them more control over the finer details of their content. App users can up their social media cred by participating in community challenges, which include prank videos, lip sync music videos, and videos created around the app’s different sound effects or filters. Nearly half of U.S. Trendsetters consider getting a high number of likes on a post to be a form of social currency, and Funimate allows community members to crown challenge winners through video likes.