Smart water bottles remind users to drink their H2O

Young people are used to smart devices that do a variety of tasks for them, from tracking their workouts to measuring their emotions to managing their pain relief. Although drinking water may seem like a basic task, it can be difficult to remember to take in as much H2O as needed throughout the day. These smart waters help keep consumers on track to stay hydrated.


Packaging company Visy partnered with the “Internet of Things smart packaging company” Water.IO to create and distribute highly advanced intelligent packaging for the food and beverage industry, including the smart cap. The cap fits on most disposable water bottles, turning them into smart bottles that alert consumers when it’s time to hydrate and when a refill is necessary. Many brands are working toward reducing the footprint of water bottle waste, and Visy and Water.IO will help extend the life cycle of a product most consumers would throw away after one use.


Along with tracking your steps, workouts, and sleep, many wearables also allow users to track their water intake, but it requires manual input. For users who don’t want to (or don’t remember to) reopen the app and update their info every time they drink a glass of water, the AquaGenie can help. Along with reminding users to take a drink, the smart water bottle lets users set hydration goals, adjusted appropriately based on activity level and even weather, and it syncs with apps like Fitbit and Apple Health. AquaGenie claims to be as durable as non-smart water bottles, and it can be washed without disassembly.


The PYRUS smart water bottle features an LED panel that not only reminds users of the time and date, but also when it’s time for them to drink another one of the eight daily recommended glasses of water. Two-thirds of young people in the U.S. aged 19 to 35 prefer water to sports drinks when exercising and Gen Zs are more likely to choose bottled water over soda, but it can still be hard to hydrate throughout the day when not working out or faced with a direct choice between water and another beverage.