These meditation apps help busy people find their calm

Young people’s obsession with self-improvement and their attachment to their devices have led to a boom in the wellness app industry. About two-thirds of young people in the U.S. and UK practice mindfulness to feel calmer and improve their moods and new mindfulness apps are making meditation accessible to users by creating daily routines that cater to their hectic, on-the-go lifestyles.


Poppy Jamie, former British TV personality turned tech founder, recently released her mindfulness app Happy Not Perfect. The app is geared toward Millennials who are facing unprecedented rates of stress and anxiety. Jamie worked with a team of scientists, life coaches, CBT therapists, and breathing experts to create an app that makes age-old mindfulness techniques more accessible to today’s digitally inclined young people. Happy Not Perfect helps users create daily mindfulness routines via their devices and includes different features such as mood check-ins, mindful mini-games, compassion challenges, and guided meditations.


The wellness app Aura uses A.I. to create individualized mindfulness routines that help reduce users’ stress and anxiety. Aura provides free three-minute daily meditations that users can fit into their busy lives. Access to shorter meditations is especially useful to Millennials and Gen Zs who have shorter attention spans and higher standards for what retains their attention in the first place. Mood check-ins before and after meditations and content tracking allow the app to use machine learning to customize users’ experiences.


Simple Habit claims to be the best meditation app for busy people. The app, which was featured on the season nine premiere of Shark Tank, holds an extensive library of five-minute meditations that users can listen to on-the-go. Simple Habit provides meditations that address a vast array of feelings and scenarios. For example, the app offers guided meditations on issues such as anxiety, lack of sleep, and depression. Simple Habit also contains meditations for specific life situations such as commuting, a tough day at work, or going through a breakup.