Artificial intelligence is used to interview job applicants

Social media is being used more and more in the job hunt, and the majority of young consumers view networking as the new socializing—but they’re going to have to expand their definition of “networking” with the new A.I.-powered hiring platforms being used to interview potential candidates. 


Companies have begun using virtual reality to train new employees, and Robot Vera allows them to use artificial intelligence to hire them. The Russian startup, which already has 300 clients including big names like PepsiCo, IKEA, and L’Oréal, claims to cut the time and cost of recruiting high-turnover service and blue collar positions by a third. To do this, the program can interview hundreds of applicants at once via video or phone calls and narrow them down to the top 10%, who are then vetted by humans. 


Nearly two-thirds of U.S. Trendsetters aged 14-34 say they need to feel like they are making a difference/impact in their company to feel successful at their job. To achieve this, A.I. hiring platform Naudix intends to help candidates find their path, their purpose, and their people. The Canadian startup uses an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot to redefine the candidate engagement process. Naudix, which is currently in beta, claims it’s developing a better and more scientific way to assess applicants and even predict future job performance.


Flying cars aren’t the only futuristic concept Volvo is working on. At the Brussels Motor Show in Belgium this past January, Volvo’s S90 model was promoted as the “HR90”—it was equipped with A.I. capability allowing it to interview prospective technicians. Seeking 50 candidates, the model went on to tour job expos, schools, and Volvo dealerships after its stint at the motor show. Prior to the interview, applicants submitted a form online, and were then quizzed by the A.I.-powered car, which not only evaluated the accuracy of their answers but also their facial expressions and word use to measure their knowledge, motivation, and social skills.