Platforms use artificial intelligence to connect people

While it used to sound like technology of the future, artificial intelligence is very much a part of life nowadays, utilized in everything everything from creating art to finding a job. These services utilize A.I. to match people to roommates, romantic partners, and brands.


Barcelona-based startup Badi raised $10 million earlier this year in Series A funding to expand its service using artificial intelligence to match roommates. Innovations in the real estate industry, as well as Gen Ys’ differing views on home ownership, are changing the way young people find housing today. Badi’s algorithm helps connect compatible roommates and available rooms in Spain among its 700,000 members using personal data and living preferences. The company plans to launch in major European cities including London, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris.  


Dating app Tinder introduced its Super Like feature a few years ago, which allowed users to express higher than usual interest in someone, available for use once a day. Tinder’s new Super Likeable function uses artificial intelligence to predict which people a user will want to Super Like. Super Likeable will show a maximum of four potential matches, but users are still only able to Super Like one of them a day. As of now the feature can’t be accessed at will, but rather appears when the algorithm has profiles to offer. According to our LOVE Report, 60% of young adults think technology makes dating confusing; advanced features could help users find one another in the online dating landscape. 


Despite its name, Soulmates.ai doesn’t actually facilitate romantic relationships, although it was developed with the former chief founding scientist at eHarmony.com. Soulmates.ai is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that connects brands with compatible influencers. Young consumers connect with influencers more than celebrities, but it can be difficult for brands to find the right fit; the Soulmates.ai algorithm uses keywords provided by the brand to analyze and identify potential connections. The companion service Soulmates.irm helps brands manage influencers once they’re added to campaigns.