Brands create Amazon Alexa skills for consumers

More than seven in 10 young people aged 14-34 in the U.S. and UK believe that smart devices are more than just a fad, as found in our recent report The Innovation Outlook. Brands that don’t create smart devices of their own are still finding ways to tap into this market by producing skills that can be accessed through smart digital assistants, like these features available through Amazon Alexa devices.


Diageo is providing drink recommendations to consumers through their Amazon Alexa devices. The alcohol brand’s new Happy Hour skill offers multiple features to help users enjoy the best imbibing experience. Mix-It-Up provides specialty drink recipes based on one’s mood; Cheers offers reasons for celebrating; and Find a Bar integrates with Yelp to suggest a bar nearby where Diageo cocktails can be found. Users can also ask Alexa for “Snoop Dogg’s drink of choice” and hear a recommendation from the celebrity.


Searching for the next TV show to watch can be overwhelming in today’s streaming landscape; M&M’s is aiming to help consumers in the decision-making process with its new Amazon Alexa skill. The Red Recommends feature introduces users to the red M&M, who asks questions about what kind of show they’re in the mood for, how much time they have, and more before making a recommendation. The skill can make selections from content available across multiple streaming services.


Frito-Lay often experiments with creative packaging, and it created an Amazon Alexa skill to offer a personalized angle. The snack brand launched Snackable Notes packages, which feature spaces on individual-serving bags of chips for parents to write notes for their kids to find at lunch or snack time; consumers can even submit their best notes to win prizes. For parents who need a little extra inspiration, they can use the Snackable Notes function on Alexa to hear prompts ranging from thoughtful to funny.