Apps locate nearby water refilling stations 

Lately, brands and the government have taken major steps to eliminate plastic waste. From brands banning plastic straws to the EU forbidding single-use plastics, every initiative helps bring the world one step closer to zero waste. New apps further benefit the environment by directing consumers to where they can refill their water bottle for free, instead of buying a new one.


Nearly eight in 10 Trendsetting youth aged 14-34 believe that technology is making society better, as addressed in our latest report, The Innovation Outlook. The app Tap exemplifies this mindset, as it makes it easier for people to practice environmentally-friendly behavior. It identifies 34,000 spots in 30 countries where people can refill their bottle, whether from a water fountain or a restaurant or store that does so for free, such as Sweetgreen and Lululemon. Tap also notes locations that refill sparkling and flavored water, and soon, it will be adding a feature allowing users to input new refill stations.


When on-the-go, most people opt to buy a bottle of water instead of refilling one due to convenience, especially if they don’t know where there’s a place nearby to do so. The app Refill reduces this obstacle by locating over 14,000 refill stations in the UK, such as galleries, banks, and bars. Users can search for nearby spots, while the company also gives out stickers to businesses to display in their windows, inviting people to come in to get water. In the app, users can track each time they refill their water and measure their personal impact on improving sustainability


Much like its counterparts, the aptly named service RefillMyBottle identifies places where people can get clean drinking water for free or for a minimum fee, instead of throwing bottles away after a single use. Founded in Bali, the service has grown to include more than 750 locations in more than nine countries, including Vietnam and South Korea, such as cafes and stores. As people around the world buy a million plastic water bottles per minute and annual consumption of plastic bottles is set to reach a trillion by 2021, RefillMyBottle and similar apps are helping reduce this environmental damage.