Digital-only festivals redefine immersive entertainment

Music and gaming are paramount to youth today: 96% of global youth say music is important to their lives, and another 83% of global youth say the same of video games. Recently, brands are bundling aspects from both verticals into can’t-miss digital-only festivals where participants tune in for immersive entertainment from the comfort of their consoles.


In September Minecraft hosted Coalchella, a play on the iconic Coachella music festival, named because Minecraft players mine coal, among other minerals, in the world-building game. The free in-game music festival invited gamers to "arrive" at one of two stages and tune into a livestream via Mixlr to listen to a lineup of handpicked Soundcloud musicians. Attendees, which numbered 27,000 by the end of the 8-hour festival, danced to the music and could use the in-game chat, creating an immersive experience that combined music and gaming in one can’t-miss entertainment event. 


Snapchat and modern deodorant brand 8x4 launched the world’s first entirely digital festival for teens who are too young to attend an in-person music festival. For the activation 8x4 created a limited edition deodorant line with animal-themed packaging that featured printed Snap codes that activated animal-themed beauty Snap lenses on Snapchat’s app. Users who uploaded a Snap with the lenses received a personalized pass granting them access to the digital festival, which featured exclusive video content from five handpicked influencers. 


Multiplayer online fantasy game The Elder Scrolls: Online hosted an in-game Halloween event called The Witches’ Festival from October 18th through November 1st. Players who participated in the annual festival, which takes place in the game’s fictional continent of Tamriel, could unlock spooky in-game rewards and collect special festival-themed items that were only available during the delineated period, enhancing players’ gaming experience and heightening the event’s appeal for hardcore Elder Scrolls fans.