3D audio headphones provide a 360-degree listening experience

Music is incredibly important to young people; 96% of global youth say it’s important to their life, and 61% even go so far as to say that they can’t go a day without listening to music. For those that prize the listening experience, 3D audio headphones give them the surround sound feel.


Premium headphone brand Audeze is making its entrance into the gaming industry with the Mobius, headphones designed specifically with gamers in mind. The Mobius headphones have 3D positional audio, which tracks a user’s head to provide realistic 360-degree sound. The set is Bluetooth-enabled and features a removable microphone. At $399 the headphones aren’t cheap; Audeze is specifically marketing these headphones to gamers, which is a growing cohort—83% of global youth aged 14-34 say video games are important to their life.


The SHIVR 3D noise-canceling headphones use an advanced algorithm to enhance audio surround sound and sense of space. Unlike traditional headphones, which provide sound from two directions, SHIVR is able to replicate the real life experience of hearing sound from all different directions and bounced off of different materials in areas of varying sizes; it deconstructs sound sources and rebuilds it in an environment simulator to better reflect reality. Music lovers can purchase the headphones for less than half the price of Audeze’s Mobius, at $119.


Sennheiser’s 3D audio headphones are much smaller than the ones by Audeze and SHIVR, resembling earbuds rather than over-the-ear headphones. Along with their 3D and noise-canceling capabilities for listening to sound, the Ambio Smart Headset can also record sound in 3D, giving mix masters a chance to do their own thing in 360 degrees. The headphones also have a transparent listening mode, which allows the wearer to monitor outside noise without recording it, meaning wearers can hear the sound around them without taking the earbuds out. The Ambio Smart headset falls in the middle of the road with a $300 price tag.