Virtual reality music platforms host concerts

Modern youth are aware of their perceived dependence on tech, and they’re making a point to practice digital wellness to counteract the isolation they can feel behind their screens. Brands are helping by using those screens to bring people together for digital festivals, and these startups are producing concerts in virtual reality to unite music lovers from their homes.


Austin-based TheWaveVR is a social virtual reality platform that enables music lovers to view, host, and socialize at virtual reality shows. TheWaveVR is working with DJs and other music artists to host concerts within the platform, which provides tools that allows them to build the world where the show takes place and manipulate elements of it during the set. The CEO and co-founder sees its applications going far beyond psychedelic raves, and it was used in movie Ready Player One and is being utilized by one artist to create a graphic novel. For now, show attendees need an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headset to join.


Nearly half of global youth (45%) have attended a concert in the past year, and an additional 39% who didn’t were interested in doing so. MelodyVR is bringing concerts and exclusive studio sessions into people’s homes with its virtual reality platform by allowing users unique vantage points—front row, on stage, and more—to concert footage from the likes of Post Malone, Bebe Rexha, The Chainsmokers, Wiz Khalifa, and more through their Oculus GO headset. MelodyVR plans to expand the number of artists, as well as selling tickets to live streamed shows.


Virtual reality platform Endless Riff launched for Samsung’s Oculus headsets last year. It allows attendees to create avatars and meet up in a virtual environment and chat with one another before enjoying a show live streamed from NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall. Endless Riff plans to expand the number of venues it produces and allow artists or brands to customize their virtual performance space, as well as integrate games and merch into the platform for users to play and purchase.