Startups are changing fertility services for women

As the conversation is changing around sex education, so too is it evolving around fertility. Companies providing modern fertility services are taking strides to make women today feel more comfortable about the subject and the processes, as well as focusing on wellness as a whole.


Trellis recently opened in the Flatiron neighborhood of NYC, but it’s not a clinic—it’s a fertility studio. Intentionally forgoing the word “clinic” is just one way it tries to set itself apart from the cold, impersonal environment doctor’s offices are stereotyped for. The studio also offers its clients Turkish cotton bath robes to wear during appointments, and those who are seeking a connection with other women going through the same thing can gather and chat at the in-office juice bar. Trellis focuses on a wellness-integrated approach, connecting clients with a nutritionist to create personalized plans to complement their fertility goals.


Before Kindbody opened its first permanent location in NYC it invited women to come onboard its mobile office inside a big yellow van for a free fertility assessment. The company’s goal is to normalize the conversation around fertility, offering assessments, egg freezing, and IVF as part of a holistic suite of women’s wellness offerings. Kindbody also provides virtual therapy sessions and wellness coaching, including nutrition services and mental health support. The clinic hopes to open a second location in New York and another in southern California.


Also headquartered in NYC, Extend Fertility recently raised $15 million in Series A funding. The clinic, which offers fertility services and infertility treatments, completed 1,000 egg-freezing cycles last year. Extend proffers that its services are more affordable than others because it started with egg-freezing first, before expanding to a larger suite of solutions, including IVF. The company also offers specialized fertility services for women with cancer and women in the armed forces. Like most modern fertility options, Extend does not accept traditional health insurance.

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