Customized headphones cater to every listener’s hearing

Modern youth’s number one passion point is music, and the ways in which they listen to the tunes they love matters. The following companies are catering to young people’s desire for customization with the creation of headphones that can be customized to one’s unique hearing capabilities and sound preferences.


No two ears are made alike, which is why the makers of Nuraphone have created headphone technology that can adjust audio levels to match a person’s distinct hearing capabilities. Before a user begins listening, Nuraphone administers an otoacoustic hearing test, which analyzes the nearly inaudible noise produced by the inner ear when sound stimulates the cochlea. An app analyzes the sounds and creates an audio profile for each ear, which allows each headphone to produce sounds that are optimized based on a listener’s ear anatomy. Nuraphone headphones are built with both in-ear buds and over-ear headphones, making for a unique listening experience.


MF Jebsen Electronics partnered with sound technology company AumeoAudio and successfully crowdfunded over $300,000 on Kickstarter to launch Heari neckband headphones. Heari headphones use AumeoAudio’s algorithm and software to create custom headphone settings. Using the brand’s app, listeners can take a two to three minute test to determine each ear’s sensitivity and build unique settings for each ear. Additionally, Heari features a tailored audio transparency option, which allows users to hear ambient noise with the same clarity as the music they’re playing. For listeners that are particular about sound levels, the app offers a music mixing feature that allows them to adjust levels according to their personal preferences.


Just as eyesight can vary from left to right and degrade over time, so too can hearing, which is why Even has dubbed its H1 headphones “glasses for your ears.” Even’s H1 headphones administer a patented hearing test to create a personal “earprint.” The setup requires listening to eight snippets of music in each ear and pushing a button when a sound is heard. The headphones then create a sound profile based on the listener’s responses, optimizing and enriching their listening experience. Even’s earprint technology is especially useful to people experiencing hearing loss or volume disparities between their left and right ears.