New men’s fertility services empower family planning

It’s not only modern women who are seeking accessible options when it comes to their reproductive futures; men are also joining the conversation about fertility, prompting the creation of at-home men’s fertility services. While these technologies don’t replace a visit to a doctor’s office, they offer men a way to be in control over both their reproductive health and their futures.


Tech start-up Dadi provides customers an at-home fertility test kit that can be ordered online. Users of the service need only collect their sperm in Dadi’s specially designed, temperature-controlled containers, which are equipped with preservatives to ensure the sample survives the trip to the company’s testing facilities, and then drop it off at a FedEx. Customers will then receive a report detailing their fertility status as well as a video of their sperm under a microscope. The founder of Dadi wants to break the stigma surrounding men’s fertility and empower their male clientele to make decisions about their reproductive health and family planning.


For men who want to be in the know about their reproductive health, YO provides a tech-based solution. Developed by experts and approved by the FDA, YO is an at-home male fertility test kit that allows users to check on the health of their sperm using an interactive app. The kit comes with a YO testing device, disposable collection cups, liquefying powder, cleaning wipes, plastic pipettes, and testing slides that, when inserted into the device, allows users to view a real time video of their swimmers. The app also measures the number of moving sperm. Such technologies democratize access to men’s healthcare and put more control in the hands of users.


Swiss start-up Legacy is helping men preserve their fertility for the future with an at-home sperm analysis and storage service. Clients can order one of three packages (Bronze, Gold, and Platinum) through Legacy’s website, all of which contain a specially developed container wherein men can deposit and seal their sample before shipping it to a clinic where it’s tested before being cryogenically stored. In addition to receiving a full online fertility analysis, Legacy users are provided with personalized lifestyle recommendations that can aid in their reproductive health. The innovative company is streamlining the process of sperm freezing and opening up access to this once very exclusive process, giving more people the option to plan ahead.

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