Beauty brands launch customization tools

Modern youth have a penchant for personalized products and are spurring the rise of customization tools that give them access to the unique experiences they desire. The following beauty and hair care brands are tapping into technology to offer their consumers the tailor-made products and services that make them feel special.


Neutrogena is preparing to launch a digital tool called Skin360 that will allow customers to order personalized face masks based on the unique characteristics of their skin. Users will be able to upload a photo of their face to the Skin360 app and the app’s technology will assess six zones—the forehead, eye area, cheeks, nose, chin, and chin-to-cheek lines—and create a custom mask comprised of any combination of five main ingredients: stabilized vitamin C, purified hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, feverfew, and N-Acetylglucosamine. The app also keeps track of moisture level and age lines, which allows it to assess whether the personalized mask is improving skin quality.


L’Oreal-owned Garnier has rolled out a personalization tool that will help customers pick the perfect complementary hair color. Powered by the recently acquired ModiFace virtual shade selector tool, Garnier’s in-store technology will be available for consumers to use in select Walmart locations across the country. Customers will be able to access the tool through tablet stations, and trained beauty advisors will be on-hand to walk them through the hair quiz and try-on technology. Such free services that give consumers a tailored product resonate among modern youth who spend much effort cultivating their own personal style and image.


Hair colorist to the stars Josh Wood wants to democratize the hair color experience. He recently raised a $6.5 million series-A round of funding to launch his direct-to-consumer personalized hair coloring kit business. Consumers who want a custom color, but can’t afford the salon prices, can use Wood’s online consultation tool. Users need only submit a picture of their hair and a team of color experts will recommend the perfect shade. In addition to the consultation, users also have access to different hair tips and tutorials—perfect for modern youth who want brands to offer them guidance and teach them something new.

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