New apps promote mental health and wellbeing

To cope with worries about personal safety, the state of the world, and the future in general, youth are breaking stigmas around mental illness in conventional and unconventional ways as they push to legitimize this issue. The following brands are acknowledging this conversation by providing young consumers with the technology to help them prioritize their own mental health.


Swedish neurology-focused health startup Flow is focused on supporting and treating users struggling with depression using a therapy app and an accompanying brain-stimulating headset. The headset stimulates activity in the left frontal cortex, which is known to exhibit lower activity in those suffering with depression, while the app offers 18 treatment sessions that span a six-week period, encompassing advice and education on sleep, nutrition, medication, and exercise. By giving users the power to treat their symptoms in a personalized way (as well as from the comfort of their homes), Flow offers a holistic, sustainable approach to addressing mental health.


Launched in a basement by six entrepreneurs, Mindcurrent gives users the space to reflect on their feelings to subsequently boost their moods. Akin to a “Fitbit for the brain,” the app connects to smart watches to collect biometric data while users also manually input information, such as meeting schedules, to help gather further insight into their lives. Though the app is meant to offer advice and self reflection rather than treating serious depression or mood disorders outright, developers hope that in the future users will share Mindcurrent’s data with licensed therapists to supplement patient treatment plans.


Stress-reducing app My Possible Self offers a convenient, personal approach to maintaining wellness around mental health. Developers behind My Possible Self looked to cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT—a specialized psychological technique that helps people challenge negative thoughts and behaviors—to craft the app’s self-help learning modules. To further democratize this tool for mental wellbeing, Good Thinking, an NHS-approved wellbeing service, partnered with My Possible Self to give the app to all Londoners struggling with mental health issues. In this way, My Possible Self’s technology promotes self-help at scale, helping to break stigmas around mental health.