Tech-inspired initiatives improve the lives of the elderly

For Baby Boomers, technology is a novel form of entertainment, but as younger generations’ habits influence their older counterparts, Boomers are embracing advances in tech as a means to improve their lives. The following tech-inspired initiatives for the elderly are helping to improve their quality of life and bridge the gap between older generations and modern youth.


With every passing year, more and more Millennials are entering the stage of life where they’re caring for both their children and their aging parents simultaneously. With the knowledge that this generation has given rise to technologies to streamline their lives, senior care company Cake has arisen as an tech-based option to help Millennials open up a dialogue around end-of-life and advanced care planning services with their aging loved ones. The company website provides information and tools to help users create a care plan. By prompting caregivers and seniors to consider a series of questions about life and death, Cake helps families create a plan and address final wishes in a format that simplifies the process and covers all the bases.


Millennial gig workers gave rise to co-working spaces that allow them to get out of their homes and work in spaces that are conducive to their work needs. This trend has now reached Baby Boomers. Senior Planet Exploration Center in NYC is a co-working space geared toward seniors to help them continue to develop new skills. The center also houses the nonprofit organization Older Adults Technology services, which helps those 60-years-old and up master new tech devices and online services, as well as advance their business acumen with classes such as Start Up! and Connecting in the Digital Age. As young generations’ tech habits continue to influence older generations, places such as Senior Planet will help to bridge the gap between seniors and technology and improve their lives.


An issue seniors experience as they age is a sense of loneliness, especially as their children begin to raise their own families and their friend groups narrow. A tech solution that’s helping to solve this problem is Nesterly, a platform that facilitates a home-share program between the senior citizens and students. The co-living service matches seniors with available housing to students who need affordable accommodations as they pursue their studies. Users can post their homes and specifications to the website and chat with potential housemates until a match is found. The student-senior matching service provides elderly users with companionship to combat loneliness and an additional source of income.