Smartphone tech becomes increasingly gamer-friendly

As smartphone technology continues to advance, tech brands are focusing their attention on the gaming market—specifically, making their phones increasingly gamer-friendly. The rise of these niche gaming phones, which are specially designed with displays and specs that are intended to make the mobile gaming experience as high-quality as that of a console, continues to herald in the future of entertainment.


Asus’ second edition of their gaming phone, the ROG Phone II, has substantial updates that make it a prime mobile device for serious gamers. One particularly attractive gaming feature is the phone’s touch latency of 49 milliseconds, one of the lowest of any gaming phone currently on the market. Asus also added a second USB-C port to the phone to give users the ability to attach an accessory to the phone so they can game on while charging up. This second port is also perfect for the brand’s new gamepad attachment: two split gaming controllers called the Kunai.


The Black Shark 2 Pro, which will launch in the U.S. in early 2020, is the new and improved version of The Black Shark 2, but with a few new enhancements specifically intended for gaming. This phone includes a liquid cooling system for quick heat reduction, 12GB of RAM, and an X-shaped antenna to help maintain a connection when the user is playing in landscape mode. It also offers a unique MagicTouch function, which allows users to reassign controls on the touch screen and move them to a more convenient location. What’s more, the Black Shark 2 Pro’s touch latency is 34.7 milliseconds, even lower than that of the Asus ROG Phone II.


Nubia’s newest phone, the Red Magic 3, is taking major strides toward becoming a gamer-friendly device. While it offers many similar features to other gaming phones, it differentiates itself with two forms of temperature control—an internal cooling fan and a liquid cooling system—and the ability to shoot high quality video. The dual cooling system presents a huge benefit to gamers, as running certain programs can quickly overheat a phone, while the device’s ability to record video in 8K at up to 1920 frames per second is another attractive feature to gamers looking to pursue this passion point on Nubia's mobile device.