Modern apps promote wellness around sexual health

Today’s youth are more likely than older generations to feel that stigmas exist around progressive behaviors, inspiring them to rebel against social norms. When it comes to identity and relationships, young people want society to accept who they choose to date/marry/love and how they choose to do so. As youth increasingly break stigmas around sexuality, the following apps provide resources that help this cohort prioritize their sexual health and wellness.


Earlier this year Planned Parenthood launched Roo, a chatbot that answers users’ questions about sex and sexual health. Planned Parenthood found that youth tend not to use Google or social media to ask sex ed questions—especially as concerns about online privacy continue to increase—which is creating a gap their in knowledge. To combat this, Roo is designed to be an accessible, private resource for youth to ask anonymous questions on topics like birth control, masturbation, pregnancy, and more. To date, Roo has answered 800,000 intimate questions and users have made over 1,000 Planned Parenthood appointments using Roo’s interface.


Created to give women and sexual assault survivors a space to explore their sexuality and build sexual confidence, the Ferly app offers podcasts on sex ed, articles on intimacy and sexual pleasure, and a journal to help users reflect on their sexual experiences. Ferly’s co-founders, Billie Quinlan and Anna Hushlak, want to empower users and help them embrace their sexuality, especially for sexual assault victims, who often struggle to rebuild their confidence in the wake of their personal trauma. On top of offering this helpful digital tool, Ferly also provides a database of resources and experts for users to further use in their recovery process.


The Emjoy app provides science-backed and research-focused audio content aimed at women to help them improve their relationship with their sexuality. The app dispenses mindful sex tips from expert Jessica Graham and offers proprietary audio material on female sexuality. Emjoy covers topics such as boosting libido, developing self-knowledge, increasing sexual pleasure, and improving bedroom communication, all to boost female sexual confidence. In doing so, Emjoy aims to lead the femtech market—a timely strategy, as the industry is forecast to be a $50 billion market by 2025.