New tech platforms support influencer marketing initiatives

Influencer marketing has grown immensely in recent years, and the need to easily facilitate a connection between brand and influencer is subsequently in high demand. In service of this, platforms that connect both parties in order to execute successful campaigns are popping up. The following apps are tapping into needs across the influencer world to make sure each ‘double tap’ and ‘like’ goes a long way, for both the influencer and the brand.


Influencer prides itself on being a platform “made for creators by creators” and aims to facilitate brand-right connections between a range of brands and macro and micro influencers. The company, which was co-founded by YouTube personality Caspar Lee, recently announced the close of a $3.6 million Series A funding round and has already partnered with big name brands including Pepsi, Pantene, and Starbucks. Influencer ensures the quality of its influencers by pre-vetting talent for “authenticity, quality and creativity based on first-party data.”


Kindred is a cause-driven app that aims to connect influencers and brands while simultaneously raising money for charities. The app was created by Aaron Simpson, the co-founder of luxury lifestyle concierge service Quintessentially, who set out to simplify the process of donating to charity. With Kindred’s platform, influencers can choose to donate a percentage of their affiliate product earnings (from 1%-100%) while Kindred takes a 5% cut from brands who profit from sales on the site. Kindred already counts 75,000 charity partnerships and 850,000 users.


Drum looks to give the underdogs in marketing—aka, small businesses—a chance to make use of influencer marketing. Through Drum, brands are paired with influencers—called “drummers”—who work to get the word out about a campaign. A business is only required to pay when a consumer uses the promotion that is offered by the drummer. In return, drummers are compensated for creating promos, getting consumers to activate the promos, and for increasing engagement on Drum.