At-home workouts get a tech upgrade

The CES 2020 conference brought a lot of excitement and buzz around the future of at-home workouts and the collision of the fitness and tech worlds. Working out and staying in shape is a goal for many Millennials, but it can be difficult with the high prices of gyms and boutique classes. These new technologies offer the benefits of a coach and the fun of in-person classes at the touch of a button—all from the comfort of a user’s home.


Samsung is reimagining at-home workouts with the development of AR glasses and an exoskeleton accessory. The Gait Enhancing & Motivating System (GEMS) looks like a futuristic belt but is designed to track a user’s movements. When paired with the AR Glasses and a special app for Galaxy smartphones, the GEMS belt becomes a way for a virtual trainer to help improve the user’s form and posture for a given exercise. The trainer provides feedback throughout the given set of exercises, but once the workout is complete, the app provides more guidance on form and areas that are in need of improvement. So far the GEMS exoskeleton has only made an appearance at Samsung’s CES 2020 keynote, but the technology is indicative of the future of fitness wearables.


Say hello to the newest home gym that combines A.I., streaming classes, and running. AmazFit HomeStudio, the brainchild of fitness brand Studio.Live and tech company Xiaomi, consists of a 43-inch HD mirror called THE GLASS and a treadmill. Users can access 1,000 different classes via the smart mirror, some involving the treadmill and others only requiring floor space for yoga, sculpt, and stretching classes. Customers can choose between two models: a premium model that uses slat belt technology or a more affordable foldable version called the AirRun that saves space but doesn’t reach as high of speeds. The HomeStudio package also includes a 3D camera as part of the system’s computer vision that monitors the user’s posture and technique as they exercise.


Gaming while working on one’s fitness is possible with Ring Fit Adventure, the Nintendo Switch game that serves as a digital fitness accessory and an intense workout that takes place on your TV screen. Users strap the left Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller to their leg and attach the right controller to the Ring Fit Adventure steering wheel-like ring. The game isn’t like a traditional workout. It allows users to explore a virtual world by performing exercises, such as running in place, squats, ring crunches, and leg lifts. Players move through the levels to get to the final challenge against Dragaux, a bodybuilding dragon “boss,” for a burnout finish.