New apps let users create and edit their own videos

Youth are looking for new ways to push their creativity, and video is their preferred medium to express themselves and share their passion projects. The following video apps give users the chance to document their lives and personal hobbies in more detail, beyond just a still photograph uploaded to their social media pages.


Google’s Area 120, a workshop for the company’s experimental products, has released a new video app called Tangi to compete with the ever-popular TikTok. The app is a social media platform that provides creators a space to share their own DIY content in the form of 60-second video posts. Not only does the app give users a place to share their projects and view other creators’ posts, it also has a function that lets Tangi users leave a video reply called “Try It,” where they can show themselves re-creating DIY projects. One of the most recreated videos on Tangi is a 15-second video teaching viewers “how to make guacamole in the avocado shell.


Facebook’s newest social media app is geared toward consumers who are passionate about their pastimes. Hobbi is a video and photo sharing app that gives users a platform to document their hobbies, like art, gardening, or cooking, and organize them into collections. Through the app, users can document and track their progress on their personal projects. Once a project is complete, users can create a highlight reel to share with others outside of the app, as there is no social networking element in the Hobbi app.


VSCO, the photo-editing app that is a must-have on Gen Zs' smartphones, has added video sharing to its arsenal. Video editing on VSCO has been a function for a while now, but the app has just enabled its users to upload the footage to the VSCO feed. Along with this new sharing option, VSCO will also be adding more advanced video editing tools beyond the current presets and standard editing adjustments (i.e., exposure, temperature, and contrast). Users can access the video editing features on the app by tapping the plus icon located in the top right corner of the app and then switching over to the video tab.