Video shopping apps for young consumers proliferate

The online shopping experience is far from perfect, particularly for digital natives like Millennials and Gen Z, who have high expectations. The number one element they would like to see more of when shopping via websites and apps are detailed videos of products. Fortunately for them, these apps have young consumers in mind, offering not only videos but also a more enjoyable and digitally-immersive shopping experience.


MikMak is an enterprise-software platform that can help brands optimize online sales. Founded in 2015 by Rachel Tipograph, previously the Director of Social & Digital at Gap at the tender age of 24, MikMak is a fast-growing, next-gen e-commerce platform that offers multi-channel brands like L'Oreal, Unilever, and P&G “a holistic view into ecommerce across all retailers.” MikMak launched back in 2015, but what began as a platform for short, shoppable videos for brands like American Express and Mondelez has grown into a serious force for retail, unlocking ROI for brands by facilitating next-gen shopper engagement. (Readers: be sure to tune into tomorrow's Cassandra Daily Podcast episode to learn more about MikMak from Rachel Tipograph herself. She'll be joining our host, Nina Rupp, as a guest star!)


Named as a portmanteau of “live,” as in live-stream, and “buy,” Livby is essentially a QVC-esque app for the modern age—and the first mobile live streaming shopping app in the marketplace. Sellers with a stock of items, such as t-shirts or lipsticks, can log onto the platform and live-stream a video of their sale that showcases the item in action, giving viewers a read on fit and performance. Sales last for 10 minutes or less if the item sells out quickly. If the seller still has stock after the live sale, the video remains on the website for additional sales opportunities. Streams are supplemented by still photos and product details for shoppers who want traditional info.


The mobile shopping experience generally leaves a lot to be desired, not only in terms of functionality and fun, but also trust in what consumers are paying for. Yeay is fulfilling all of these prospects: users shoot and share videos of product and service recommendations that they love, allowing them to broadcast their reviews as well as explore recommendations from other users. To meet the goal of keeping the process of sourcing reviews and recommendations honest, Yeay teamed up with WOM to harness their blockchain technology, which provides brands and content creators a way to monetize word-of-mouth recommendations on any app or platform.