Cybercrime startups launch digital security tech

From data breaches to election hackers, young people today are all too aware of the risks of living in a digital-first world. The following startups are creating innovative technologies and platforms that beef up digital security in an effort to fight cybercrime.


Israeli startup Intezer is helping to stop malware using a technique similar to that used in DNA mapping. The company calls its unique system “genetic malware analysis,” which maps out computer code and identifies reused code or strings of similar code that are malicious. The company has already had some high profile success, seen in how it built a code map that helped identify links between Russian Hackers and the Democratic National Committee. The startup raised a $15 million Series B round of funding, which it will use to expand its clients—which include Fortune 500 companies and government agencies—and explore different ways of applying its technology to other forms of cyberattacks.


As consumers trade personal information for access, the transaction raises concerns over digital privacy. As new laws and legislation pass to safeguard people’s information, the startup Securiti.ai is ensuring that clients are in compliance with the latest data guidelines. The startup, which recently secured $50 million in a Series B round of funding, possesses a data management system with built in technology that allows it to analyze a company’s privacy risk based on its practices around data collection and handling. Securiti.ai’s aim is to mitigate risk and ensure people’s sensitive information is secure.


The New York Cyber Center opened the doors to its Soho hub last month as part of its multi-year project called Cyber NYC. The new tech hub hopes to incubate a new series of startups working to provide cybersecurity solutions and protect companies from hackers. Startups that want to secure a spot inside the new center will have to pass the approval of Jerusalem Venture Partners, an Israeli VC firm with over 25 years experience in successfully funding data-security startups. This new venture aims to make NYC a leader in cybersecurity, especially as it's a hub for some of the world’s biggest economic players.