Check out these creative hygiene-minded products

Covid-19 prevention remains top-of-mind for a large swath of consumers, and many are gravitating towards opportunities for increased in-home sanitization. While there are a wide variety of tactics aimed at reducing pathogenic exposure in schools, offices, and larger residential buildings—including antimicrobial LEDs and air filtration systems—read on to learn about additional solutions people are inclined to purchase for their homes.


While visiting friends and family, some consumers want to be as cautious as possible, but even with this heightened vigilance they’re still likely to encounter pathogens en route to their gathering. To solve this, a project called “Hygiene Friendly Visits” aims to innovate the traditional doorbell design by adding sanitizing functionality. Visitors place their hands underneath this device’s censor, which rings a touch-free doorbell and simultaneously dispenses a few drops of antibacterial gel. This way, germs are less likely to enter the home.


The Moen touchless faucet is becoming a desirable kitchen commodity. While these faucets have been around for a while (and weren’t necessarily designed to combat Covid-19 specifically), Moen’s hands-free design is especially beneficial now that consumers increasingly seek convenience where it intersects with cleanliness. The faucet turns on and off automatically when detecting hands or pantry items, and hosts less germs since it’s touchless. What’s more, the faucet only dispenses water when its sensors are activated, making this device a sustainable solution for ultimately reducing water waste.


Hygiene Hand is a simple yet effective personal solution to germ-filled public surfaces outside of the home. From pens to ATMs to doorknobs to elevator buttons, this keychain allows consumers to interface with high-contact zones without touching anything with their own hands. Made of antimicrobial brass, this small device was creatively designed by a retired NYC paramedic. As it raised over $580k on Kickstarter (well over its mere $5k goal), this new product is certainly a success story amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.