High-tech bike and motorcycle gear continues to proliferate

Biking experienced a super surge in popularity this summer, especially as urban dwellers opted for this mode of transportation over shared public alternatives. There was even a bicycle shortage earlier this year; if you happen to still be waiting for a bike you ordered back in April, check out these smart accessories (including one for motorcyclists) in the meantime.


Beryl is removing some of the risk of biking at night with its Laserlight bike accessory. This small attachment, which is placed on the front of the bike, uses white light and a laser image to create a beam seen even in vehicular blind spots. Drivers end up seeing a neon green image of a bike on the road up to six meters away to indicate a biker’s placement in relation to the car. This small aluminum attachment is durable, waterproof, and easy for cyclists to install. Night riders can purchase the LED gadget for £125.00 on Beryl’s website.


French startup Tali Connected designed a smart motorcycle helmet intended to bolster a rider’s safety and debuted the gear at this year’s CES 2020. The exterior boasts a 360-degree ring of color-changing LEDs that improve rider visibility and easily signal turning and braking, and the helmet can be paired with the driver’s smartphone via Bluetooth to play music and follow navigation instructions. The wearer can also conduct phone calls via this functionality, and the helmet even automatically places a call to emergency services after it detects a fall or an accident.


Levi’s classic trucker jacket is getting some on-trend smart tech upgrades, courtesy of Jacquard by Google. The two brands teamed up to add Jacquard smart technology to the iconic trucker, giving wearers the ability to access navigation instructions, ride-sharing apps, weather and traffic reports, and more, all through gestures that are recognized by the Jacquard Tag inserted into the jacket’s sleeve. The trucker, which retails for $198 and $248 for Classic and Sherpa SKUs respectively, allows the wearer to keep their phone in their pocket and their eyes focused on the road.