Gen Zs are at the helm of these new Z-focused social networks

Amidst a lack of face time (but perhaps not a lack of FaceTime) with friends and fellow students, Gen Zs are creating and running their own social networks. Founded on themes of positivity and connectivity, these platforms and their young creators are not only breaking into the tech industry, but building a better on-screen social scene.


The Gen Zs who founded HAGS, a social platform for high schoolers, just secured a $1 million investment from GV (Google’s venture arm) and BoxGroup. HAGS (an acronym for ‘Have A Great Summer’) first launched a virtual yearbook that allowed users to swap year-end notes over Snapchat, and has since been used by “tens of thousands of high school students.” HAGS’ 23-year-old CEO Suraya Shivji describes the foundation of everything the company does as “fun,” and hopes this financing will help encourage the development of more socially intimate spaces for students. Watch this space, as HAGS’ promising young team is just starting to show what they are capable of creating.


“With all the bad happening in the world, share the good that happened to you today,” vibes.fyi prompts its website visitors. This online bulletin board, launched by a group of young tech builders called the Gen Z Mafia (a play on the infamous PayPal Mafia), promotes positivity and human connection. The site allows users of all ages and locations to publicly post positive news about their day. Some posts read: “Ate an amazing French cheese baguette,” and “Able to Zoom chat with four generations of family!” All content is moderated.


Chen Yuheng, China’s first Gen Z and youngest person to crack the Hurun China Under 30s to Watch 2019 list, began building his own social media platform—H3Y!—at just 11 years old. H3Y! is an app that features better privacy policies and quality content geared towards teens. The app gained over 21,000 users in its first month, raising $142 million in funding in addition to previous investments from KTB Investment Group and Alibaba. Now aged 16, millionaire CEO Yuheng and his younger brother employ over 20 people, even as Yuheng attends school full-time. While he counts Elon Musk and Steve Jobs as idols, Yuheng is certainly bound to approach their success at this rate.