Content collectives have been around for years, but TikTok houses are majorly taking off

Followed by millions and occupied by some of TikTok’s biggest Gen Z stars, TikTok houses allow influencers to build out their personal brands, increase viewership, and create better quality content for their veritable legions of fans. Many of these houses are actual mansions in the Los Angeles area, but the trend is spreading across the globe. These content collectives signify a shift to 24/7 influencing capabilities, and with that, many more touchpoints for fans and brands to be part of TikTok stars’ lives. Read on to learn about some of the most famous content houses in the U.S., and to educate yourself ahead of some possible TikTok reality TV shows that may be in the works.


Hype House is one of the most well-known TikTok houses, featuring around 20 members (the roster changes frequently) and boasting an astounding 19.4 million followers. Much of the content produced inside Hype House is based on dance, relationships, humor, and positivity. Featuring trained dancers turned bonafide social media stars like Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae, this house has helped turn choreography into currency on social media. However, co-founder Thomas Petrou explained it’s no party house, but rather that the “whole house is designed for productivity,” and its members must churn out content every day. Several of the house members, including D’Amelio and Rae, have broken out beyond the TikTok screen, achieving mainstream fame.


Founded by talent management incubator TalentX Entertainment, Sway House was launched to “support, build and grow [house members’] social imprint across platforms, traditional and new media and into new verticals." With video content all about brotherhood, funny pranks, and fitness, the Sway boys pretty much rule this Internet-era frat house, which is actually an enormous mansion in Bel Air. To truly get the Sway House vibe, picture the “Gen Z problem child of The Real World, Jackass, and Meekus from Zoolander,” according to Interview Magazine.


Clubhouse Beverly Hills, or Clubhouse BH, is a content collective founded by female entrepreneur and former Hype House member Daisy Keech. Members include about five female influencers, and their content is mainly about dance and fitness. Actor and TikTok star Isaak Presley and members of the original Clubhouse have plans to start a “Clubhouse for the Boys” known as “Clubhouse FTB.” This will be the third house within the Clubhouse brand, along with Clubhouse BH and Clubhouse Next.