A roundup of innovations in blood sugar monitoring and management

Back in August, Cassandra reported on a few new, groundbreaking healthcare devices, including Kyocera’s carbohydrate monitoring system, a medical device that could potentially help prevent those who are pre-diabetic from developing full-blown diabetes. Such innovations are extremely important for the 463 million people—and especially those in marginalized communities—who are living with diabetes. Read on to learn about some other devices that aim to assist in blood sugar management, spanning wearables, natural solutions, and even artificial organ implants.


AerBetic is a wearable diabetes monitoring device that uses nanotechnology-based gas sensors to determine a wearer’s blood glucose levels. Unlike traditional monitoring tools that use blood or bodily fluids to track glucose levels, AerBetic is non-invasive, as it monitors exhaled breath. The device even syncs with a smartphone app to alert users when their levels are out of range. Aerbetic is pioneering a new pathway for diabetic monitoring, and was an Innovation Awards honoree at CES 2020.


A “bio-artificial” pancreas just may present a cure for diabetes. Developed by Israeli firm Betalin Therapeutics, this Engineered Micro Pancreas (EMP) would be implanted into the skin—in the leg, in most cases. Betalin’s EMP “senses the body’s glucose level and the beta cells secrete the optimal amount of insulin,” therefore eliminating the use of insulin injections. Earlier this year, Betalin Therapeutics announced it was “beginning the application process for clinical trials of its revolutionary artificial pancreas.”


Sugarbreak is the first all-natural solution to blood sugar management, and investors want in. The brand, which is female-founded and launched back in September 2020, just raised almost $3 million in funding. Formulated as dietary supplements or dissolvable strips, Sugarbreak features natural ingredients, such as peppermint and green tea. Unlike many other monitoring products and wearables on the market, Sugarbreak is more accessible and affordable for patients when used as a part of a comprehensive lifestyle approach to managing high blood sugar levels.