A roundup of innovative fragrance tech

The mechanism of scent resonates so deeply with consumers that, prior to the pandemic, we reported that brands were incorporating it into everything from billboards to scratch ‘n’ sniff packaging to cocktails. Now, innovative disruptors in the personal and home fragrance arena are pursuing innovations in scent with emerging technologies in order to facilitate immersive and personalized experiences for consumers.


ScenTronix is ushering in the future of fragrance with algorithmic perfumes: the company creates hyper personalized scents with artificial intelligence and accompanying hardware in Algorithmic Perfumery, ScenTronix’s physical outpost. Alongside an “olfactory printer,” an algorithm organizes personal input from a customer and combines perfume ingredients accordingly until the customer is happy with their mixture. In this way, ScenTronix is tapping into modern consumers’ penchant for highly-customized and unique products that speak to their personal and individual desires.


Fragrance Tech is “focused on disrupting the fragrance industry through applied data science, gamified consumer education, and developing interactive buying experiences,” according to Crunchbase. The company has launched the Fragrance.chat tool, which surfaces personalized and data-driven fragrance recommendations for users who chat with Daisy, a AI fragrance advisor. With this, the experience of fragrance discovery feels less overwhelming and more personalized.


Airia is a smart fragrance system that emits micro-droplets of scent that then evaporate, thusly infusing the scent throughout a user’s home. The device itself is WiFi-enabled, allowing users to adjust fragrance intensity, track fragrance cartridge levels, reorder cartridges, and even create scent schedules, all from within Airia’s accompanying app.