Billions flow into the cybersecurity sector

Last week, President Biden catapulted the country forward by signing an executive order in the name of protecting U.S. cybersecurity. With a projected worth of over $192 billion by 2028, the cybersecurity industry is ramping up as we further enter the digital wars. With the future of cybersecurity ever-changing and a serious worker shortage, we’re looking into three companies creating a buzz in this digital space.


Instead of relying on historical data to predict the future, Darktrace technology uses AI to learn real-time human patterns across customers’ organizations and spot cyberthreats by recognizing breaks in user patterns. The IPO that began trading in April 2021 is already valued at a market cap of $3.3 billion. Underlining cybersecurity as a threat to everyone, Darktrace is already providing top cybersecurity for a range of companies from Pizza Hut to the Vatican Library.


Claiming there is no other cybersecurity vendor that has a “global intelligence platform that spans email, social, and mobile,” ProofPoint provides cybersecurity that even encompasses branding. Recently acquired by a leading private equity firm for $12.3 billion in an all-cash (ironic much?) transaction, ProofPoint is able to scan all social media platforms and find every account associated with their customers’ brands. Automatically notify users immediately of any new social account created while flagging accounts based on government compliance... All we can say is, wow!


With remote work now a must-have option for many employers, the focus has pivoted back to cloud cybersecurity offerings like those provided by Fortinet. This shift has led the company to be “the best-performing security stock this year,” with sales accelerating “to a 23% pace” during the first quarter of 2021. Touting their ability to scale as technology shifts towards the future, Fortinet’s track record as a leader in the cloud space is clear–and we didn’t need AI to tell us that!