The future of family apps

With so much time spent together over the last year, families are turning to apps to help improve their relationships and live more intentionally–a key trend Cassandra predicted for 2021. These apps are not only helping foster better communication but help families prioritize and protect what’s important to them. Read below to learn about three innovative apps in the family and parenting space.


In Love While Parenting is “the most lovable app for couples with children.” The app, created by the non-profit The Human Improvement Project, curates “ground-breaking research and findings in Psychology, Neuroscience and Relationships” to help encourage a happy and positive family life. While the data is all scientifically driven, the app summarizes solutions and lessons in a format that allows users to immediately understand and implement. The nonprofit reports that 67% of users described the app as “life-changing”–now that’s saying something!


Our Family Wizard is creating a conflict-free co-parenting experience. The top-rated app helps foster a happy, healthy home environment for over 1 million users by providing them with tools including the ability to track locations and visitation schedules, manage pick-up and drop-off duties, maintain an expense log, and much more. Our Family Wizard also offers a secure message board that records all text-based communication to help couples steer clear of conflict, even offering a ToneMeter™ that alerts users of any “emotionally charged” messages. With Millennial parents leaning into technology to facilitate co-parenting, Our Family Wizard is court-approved in all 50 states and is available at a price of $99.


Canopy believes the internet should be safe for kids. Employing an “advanced artificial intelligence system,” Canopy helps parents give their children a “healthy, positive digital experience” by protecting kids from inappropriate exposures on their devices. The app inspects images, videos, and websites, and automatically eliminates any R-rated content before it’s able to reach children’s screens. The app also monitors camera content, alerting parents of any risqué photos that may be used for sexting and even tracks their location via GPS map.