Sextech heats up

If we learned anything from the post-pandemic escapades featured in the Extra commercial or from the scenes on Sex/Life, hookups are heating up this summer. Gen Z and Millennials are interested in exploring sexual education and experiences; they’re talking about sex freely on social media and trying new and more diverse dating apps, as discussed in our Looking Forward to Family report. With the global sexual wellness market expected to reach over $125 billion by 2026, innovations in the sex toy space are helping to destigmatize the business of pleasure, making the industry more inclusive and accessible. Read below to learn about a few of these exciting innovations.


Touchy-Feely Tech wants you to “do it yourself.” The brand sells DIY vibrator kits and hosts workshops to help “encourage personal discovery and increase interest in STEM topics.” By blending education, intimacy, and self-awareness, the company is on a mission to encourage exploration in the hardware space and increase representation. Resident sexologist Jodie West explains that the brand is “transforming the conversation around sex education through the power of making, coding, and technology.” These kinky kits are launching soon.


Handi is putting “pleasure within reach” for those who are differently-abled. For those with hand weakness or dexterity concerns, the brand is building sex toys such as the “hands free” Handi Joystick, operated from the chin. Founded on values such as inclusivity and body positivity, the brand is breaking down barriers for this community and advancing the culture surrounding sexual expression. Co-founder and CEO Heather Morrison believes in everybody's right to sexual pleasure, explaining, “Our brand’s mission is to help people with these disabilities to break down the taboos that exist in the space, open up conversation and drive innovation forward.” Check out their Handi-cast podcast discussing disability and how it relates to sexual pleasure.


If you haven’t met Eva, Arc, and Pom, you’re missing out (hint: they’re vibrators). On a mission to minimize the “pleasure gap,” female lead company Dame aims is enhancing sexual experiences for women of all ages and body types through their high-tech products. Designed in ergonomic shapes with sophisticated pastel tones, their toys aren’t just pretty but pleasureful. The Brooklyn-based brand also offers a digital resource for sexual wellness and human intimacy.