New remote services for your pandemic puppy

Pet care startups have become a breeding ground for investors. According to Wired, “Pet care was already a $100 billion industry in the US before the pandemic. A recent report from Morgan Stanley estimates that number could triple in the next decade.” Much of the innovation in the industry aims to enhance pet health through new digital experiences, such as virtual vet visits and online pharmacies. Pet microchipping non-profit, Michelson Found Animals CEO Brett Yates explained, the pet care industry is “ripe for investment and more investors will help make pets’ lives better along with the technology we are seeing.” Read below to learn about three brands here to help your best friend.


Meet the OneMedical for dogs and cats. New York based Small Door Veterinary offers 24/7 tele-medicine for pets. Operating with a membership-only model and mobile app, pet parents can arrange for just about every pet service: wellness exams, vaccinations, dentistry, diagnostic testing, nutritional and behavioral consultations, pharmacy, urgent and emergency care, and more. Delivering premier care from trusted vets, Small Door Veterinary “combines modern technology with warm hospitality and a commitment to transparency.” The company just raised $20 million to open 24 hospitals by 2025.


European-based Barkyn is a digital, “dog wellness” brand. The e-commerce company recently raised $9 million for their subscription service that provides personalized food, treats, tele-vet support. The company has also developed over 50 of their own products to aid and enhance pet health. According to TechCrunch, Barkyn saw 40% growth each quarter of 2020 throughout Southern Europe. The brand is quickly becoming the digital destination for pets in Spain, Portugal and Italy.


Mixlab is “creating a modern pharmacy model” for pets. The company, which just raised $20 million in funding, offers an efficient and effortless medication delivery service for pets. Not only does Mixlab work with vets to create “the best medication solution”, but each package is personalized with a pharmacist note and new toy, an elevated, patient-first experience that, according to the brand, “humans are jealous of.” Chief experience officer, Stella Kim explained to TechCrunch, “Customer service is important in healthcare as is dignity and empathy… Many companies use technology to remove the human element, but we use it to elevate it.”